English Food and Wine Evening

Please join us at Madeleine’s Deli and special guest Simon Hawkins of Hawkins Brothers Fine English Wines for a jolly evening sampling and learning about some of England’s own wonderful wine, cheeses, charcuterie and artisan bread.

Tickets £25.00 per person

Contact the Deli on 01730 260102 Limited spaces available – book early to avoid disappointment!

Something for the Weekend

Hard to believe but we have been in our new deli for a month already!  It has been a bit of a whirlwind but things are starting to settle and we now have a little time to ponder new recipes and products to bring in to the bigger and better space.  This week we are starting to offer meals for the weekend to be ordered by end of play Wednesday and available for pick up on Friday/Saturday.  This week a Lamb Tagine, a Root Vegetable Tagine and a Lemon Polenta Cake are on the menu.  Feel free to bring your own dishes!

The Bakehouse produced our first doughnuts for the deli a couple of weeks ago – Chocolate & Salted Caramel – which went down a treat.  A very satisfying item to make and if anyone has a particular favourite, we would be all too happy to oblige!

Managed to fit in a super speedy trip to Paris with a son early last week.  The city and its magnificent architecture looked glorious in the sunshine but poor Notre Dame did look very sad.  Needless to say, the 704 stairs to the second floor of the Eiffel Tower were exhilarating and exhausting all at once but the view made every step worthwhile. Our wonderful French hosts led us to a fabulous Italian restaurant which made the best pizzas I have ever had – thin, light and perfectly crispy dough with a delicately seasoned topping.   Son spotted a chocolate pizza which he managed to squeeze in too!  

Whizzed up to London on Wednesday to see ‘Sweet Charity’ at the Donmar (great fun) preceded by Peruvian and Italian Tapas – interesting combination – at the Monmouth Kitchen which were small, expensive but delicious.   My particular favourite was the Robata (grill) pisco (grape brandy) glazed smoked paprika ribs. 

Off to Rome this Thursday and more than excited.  Husband and I have a food tour booked for our first evening as recommended by my lovely niece and I anticipate sampling new and inspiring foods which we may endeavour to replicate at the deli.

Madeleine x

Au revoir to old friends and Hello to Herbert Hedley.

This week we bid a fond farewell to two of our dearest and most loyal customers, Bernie and Rob who are moving away from Hampshire.  Getting to know the people and their dogs who come through our door has been a delight and we do appreciate how lucky we are to have such great punters.  The very best to you both from all of us at Madeleine’s Deli. 

Over the last couple of days, I have been hoodwinked into believing Spring is on my doorstep.  I am now sitting at my desk looking through the window at the wind and rain lashing the trees on a miserable grey Sunday afternoon.  This is most definitely soup weather and fortunately we have in the deli a veritable smorgasbord of my favourites – Celeriac with Apple & Bacon, Leek & Potato, Mushroom with Sherry, Cream & Truffle Oil and not forgetting our very own Super Green Soup with warming Ginger & Turmeric. 

This is also perfect weather for a cosy pub supper and where better than the Thomas Lord at West Meon which I have frequented and enjoyed for many years.  Husband and I had a fine supper with lovely thespian friends who are in the process of setting up Herbert Hedley, a curated gallery of arts, crafts and treasures for your home.  This will take shape in a couple of weeks in the form of a pop-up shop just up the road from us in Lavant Street!  Really worth a look.

Madeleine x

If you build it, will they come?

Signed and sealed.  Madeleine’s Kitchen are the new tenants of No. 18a Lavant Street and will be moving from our lovely little shop in the next 3 or 4 weeks.  I will be a little sad to say goodbye to No. 14 – it has served us very well.  However, after 4 years I am pleased to say that we now have so many wonderful customers we just can’t fit them all in!  It has been a very energetic weekend ripping out the current interior of our new premises under the supervision of an unbelievably generous friend who is donating his time and expertise to renovating the next Madeleine’s Deli.  Years of wall coverings have been removed to reveal interesting brickwork and a new ceiling!

Managed to fit in a visit to a sister in Salisbury and had a most delightful Friday evening being pampered with a comforting fish pie followed by a splendid Tarte Tatin – one of my favourite puddings.  The following morning we wandered into the City to visit the beautiful market square which was bustling and busy with a multitude of food stalls.  I picked up some goose rillettes and cornichons and my sister some excellent steamed dim sum and chicken satay.  Who would have thought even 10 years ago that we would be able find food like this in a Wiltshire market.  It’s all quite normal now.  Singapore Curry Puffs and Sicilian Genovese Tarts are a couple of our latest efforts at Madeleine’s Bakehouse to supply our favourite international food offerings and these have proved very popular and quite delicious!

Madeleine x

Lunch among the Dreaming Spires

A beautiful early Spring February Sunday in Oxford to visit a daughter and took her out for a slap-up lunch at the George Street Social.   It was buzzy, busy, a bit grubby, obviously studenty and mildly uncomfortable. However, great service and had a great big yummy dish of a white bean stew with bacon, carrots, tomato & celery topped with a generous confit duck leg with a glass of decent merlot and I was very happy.  Daughter had a vast plate of linguine with smoked salmon and a pint of lager (?!?) and that made her happy too.  Good value and proper tasty food. 

Husband and son off to Megeve tomorrow for a few days skiing and scoffing quantities of melted cheese in many forms – raclette, tartiflette, goat’s cheese salad and even smothered over the most scrumptious lasagne at the Radaz, their favourite cozy mountain haunt.  Yes, I am envious but with everyone away I get a few days at home ALONE to focus on …. STOP PRESS!!  Our new Deli.   This has been a long time coming but we have at last found the right premises in the right place and the lease is being signed today.    That’s all I can say at the moment but definitely more to follow…..!

Madeleine x

Love is in the Air

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food” George Bernard Shaw

Family and friends do come first but for me food really does come a close second.  Here at the Kitchen we are combining love and food this weekend with our Valentine’s Hamper filled with a decadent, little over indulgent meal for two.  Something to enjoy at home away from the public gaze of all the other Valentine’s Day diners!  On the subject of romance, husband and I have a significant anniversary coming up in May and are contemplating where to celebrate.  I think Rome will be the place for us with the perfect combination of beautiful surroundings and great food in a city I haven’t been lucky enough to visit yet.  Can’t wait!

Spent a few days in the South of France last week with my mother and sister near Nice visiting old haunts and reminding myself how well the French do patisserie – tiny, light coffee eclairs and one of my favourites, Tarte Tropezienne, a delicate brioche filled with crème patissiere – a speciality native to St Tropez.   They travelled back with me and we had a wonderful evening with a houseful of all the children and various aunts and uncles for an impromptu family gathering. 

Madeleine x

Our Valentine’s Hamper Menu @ £40.00 for Two

Smoked Mackerel Pate with Sweet Pickled Cucumbers & freshly baked Sourdough Loaf

Coq au Vin with Mashed Root Vegetables

Salted Caramel Brownie with fresh Raspberries & Cream

A Musical Week

The youngest member of the family had a very exciting week, he took part in Young Voices at the O2 on Thursday.  There was doubt, initially, whether they would go with the threat of snow but it held off long enough for all to get back safe and sound having had a long but fun day.  Bearing in mind the length of his day, I packed some of his favourite foods.  A freshly baked sausage roll and one of our gooey and intensely chocolaty brownies plus a great big bowl of Rummo* Penne Pasta with Seggiano’s Raw Basil Pesto.  Needless to say he was one happy chap! 

*Madeleine’s Interesting fact:  Rummo have been making pasta in Benevento, Italy since 1846 and have perfected and patented an exclusive and superior method which they call “Lenta Lavorazione” using the highest quality durum wheat.  This method ensures the pasta holds its shape and texture maintaining its al dente quality even if a distracted cook leaves it on the stove a little longer than necessary!    And yes, we do stock in the deli.

Popped up to Guildford yesterday to purchase an early birthday present for son from the amazing Andertons Music Company.  Never even knew this fantastic shop was there – packed full of shiny instruments and the most enthusiastic staff – enough to make anyone want to buy a guitar and join a band.  One bass guitar later we went in search for a good coffee and after passing two well-known high street coffee shops and some searching found an independent, hipsterish café down a side street.  Oh dear, sadly average, weak coffee.  OK, it may be that I am particularly picky but come on, this is the time of the coffee and there is no excuse!

Burns Night and Birthdays

In celebration of my daughter’s birthday this week, I prepared one of our French Almond Cakes (her favourite!).  It took me back to my childhood when I used to deliver eggs for my mother to some of the locals.  I used to keep Mrs Ray till last as she always had a slice of this wonderful cake waiting for me. It was a very welcome snack at the end of an arduous round.  I am glad to say the cake we had on Saturday was equally delicious so Mrs Ray’s cooking skills live on!   

One of my favourite evenings of the year is Burn’s Night and we had great fun with good friends on Saturday evening at home.  Cock a Leekie Soup followed of course by haggis, neeps & tatties (I added braised cabbage and a rich beef gravy because I like them) and then my version of Cranachan with Raspberries, a Honey & Whisky Cream and Toasted Oats.   Mr Scottish friend in full Highland regalia addressed the Haggis with his usual gusto – every year it gets more wonderfully dramatic.  The Bakehouse produced some excellent Haggis rolls on Saturday at the request of husband, next year more will be available for those who missed out. 

Madeleine x