Our Charities

The Watoto Trust

Watoto Trust believes that by relieving poverty and educating children the world can become a better place. As well as helping the individual to a better life we believe that our small charity helps in a wider way to increase awareness of the problems facing Kenya including pressure on natural resources and loss of habitat. “

Ted Senior Foundation

“Since the Ted Senior Foundation was set up last year, £140,000 has been raised in his memory. This is in no small part as a result of the magnificent efforts of Ted’s friends and family who have run marathons, cycled hundreds of miles, sold and bought foundation merchandise, put on amazing events and donated beyond generously in honour of a man who has left such an overwhelmingly positive legacy. “

The Family Counselling Trust

“Family Counselling Trust (FCT) is a registered mental health charity providing key early intervention counselling support to children, young people (up to age 18) and their families.

It was founded in Dorset in 2005 to respond to the growing challenges facing families and young people – emotional, behavioural or other mental health problems – where they were unable to access timely and adequate support.  FCT raises funds to enable parents on stretched incomes to access help for their children, with the charity subsidising the cost of the therapy.”