A Musical Week

The youngest member of the family had a very exciting week, he took part in Young Voices at the O2 on Thursday.  There was doubt, initially, whether they would go with the threat of snow but it held off long enough for all to get back safe and sound having had a long but fun day.  Bearing in mind the length of his day, I packed some of his favourite foods.  A freshly baked sausage roll and one of our gooey and intensely chocolaty brownies plus a great big bowl of Rummo* Penne Pasta with Seggiano’s Raw Basil Pesto.  Needless to say he was one happy chap! 

*Madeleine’s Interesting fact:  Rummo have been making pasta in Benevento, Italy since 1846 and have perfected and patented an exclusive and superior method which they call “Lenta Lavorazione” using the highest quality durum wheat.  This method ensures the pasta holds its shape and texture maintaining its al dente quality even if a distracted cook leaves it on the stove a little longer than necessary!    And yes, we do stock in the deli.

Popped up to Guildford yesterday to purchase an early birthday present for son from the amazing Andertons Music Company.  Never even knew this fantastic shop was there – packed full of shiny instruments and the most enthusiastic staff – enough to make anyone want to buy a guitar and join a band.  One bass guitar later we went in search for a good coffee and after passing two well-known high street coffee shops and some searching found an independent, hipsterish café down a side street.  Oh dear, sadly average, weak coffee.  OK, it may be that I am particularly picky but come on, this is the time of the coffee and there is no excuse!

Burns Night and Birthdays

In celebration of my daughter’s birthday this week, I prepared one of our French Almond Cakes (her favourite!).  It took me back to my childhood when I used to deliver eggs for my mother to some of the locals.  I used to keep Mrs Ray till last as she always had a slice of this wonderful cake waiting for me. It was a very welcome snack at the end of an arduous round.  I am glad to say the cake we had on Saturday was equally delicious so Mrs Ray’s cooking skills live on!   

One of my favourite evenings of the year is Burn’s Night and we had great fun with good friends on Saturday evening at home.  Cock a Leekie Soup followed of course by haggis, neeps & tatties (I added braised cabbage and a rich beef gravy because I like them) and then my version of Cranachan with Raspberries, a Honey & Whisky Cream and Toasted Oats.   Mr Scottish friend in full Highland regalia addressed the Haggis with his usual gusto – every year it gets more wonderfully dramatic.  The Bakehouse produced some excellent Haggis rolls on Saturday at the request of husband, next year more will be available for those who missed out. 

Madeleine x

Valentines Menu

Valentine’s day is fast approaching.  We can put together a beautiful hamper; see above!  Do come in and choose whatever you like the look of.

Back by popular demand is our Valentines meal for two hamper, the menu this year is:

Smoked Mackerel Pate
A Jar of Sweet Pickled Cucumbers
Sourdough Loaf

Coq au Vin
Mashed Buttered Root Vegetables

Salted Caramel Brownies
Fresh Raspberries

Menu is priced at £40 for two

Order from the deli at 01730 260102 or the Bakehouse on 01730 895255 by Monday 11th February.


Breakfast Muffins

January Blues

It is threatening to be a cold, wet and miserable week but it will be OK!  As I write the fire is lit and daughter is preparing from Rick Stein’s “India” recipe book a Lamb & Yoghurt Curry with Yoghurt and Sour Plums (or sour cherries in this case).  Not tried this one before but looks promising.  Our little deli is warm and welcoming and we have made a particularly tasty and fiery Red Thai Sweet Potato Soup to warm one’s cockles.   Our Breakfast Muffins have made a return to the Cake Counter as a nod to a healthy January which are sweetened with a date puree and make a good breakfast with some thick yoghurt and blueberries.   On the subject of breakfast, we have been cogitating endlessly about the perfect Granola and whether we should be making our own.  There are so many out there, it is quite a challenge to come up with our own version but it’s on the cards so watch this space.  I have just eaten a handful of Sour  Cherries – they are amazing!   What else to do with them?  Dark Chocolate & Sour Cherry Cookies coming soon!

Madeleine x

Happy New Year!

A very Happy New Year to you all from Madeleine’s Kitchen.  The children have returned to Uni and schools and missing them but not the mess….  I don’t know about you but I completely over indulged this Christmas.  Actually, I always do –  my husband informs me I probably have the Labrador gene – I just never feel the need to stop eating.  So, a conscious effort is being made at The Bakehouse to produce some healthy but delicious food not only for me but for our wonderful and discerning customers who like me may require a little care and attention in the diet department.  Today we are producing two vegan dishes; a new Nut & Root Vegetable Loaf and a return of Kale & Quinoa Fritters which will be in the deli tomorrow.   On the other hand we have also been baking the most unctuous and calorific Babka loaves – a glorious mix of bread, chocolate, nuts and syrup.  Take your pick!

Madeleine x