Burns Night and Birthdays

In celebration of my daughter’s birthday this week, I prepared one of our French Almond Cakes (her favourite!).  It took me back to my childhood when I used to deliver eggs for my mother to some of the locals.  I used to keep Mrs Ray till last as she always had a slice of this wonderful cake waiting for me. It was a very welcome snack at the end of an arduous round.  I am glad to say the cake we had on Saturday was equally delicious so Mrs Ray’s cooking skills live on!   

One of my favourite evenings of the year is Burn’s Night and we had great fun with good friends on Saturday evening at home.  Cock a Leekie Soup followed of course by haggis, neeps & tatties (I added braised cabbage and a rich beef gravy because I like them) and then my version of Cranachan with Raspberries, a Honey & Whisky Cream and Toasted Oats.   Mr Scottish friend in full Highland regalia addressed the Haggis with his usual gusto – every year it gets more wonderfully dramatic.  The Bakehouse produced some excellent Haggis rolls on Saturday at the request of husband, next year more will be available for those who missed out. 

Madeleine x