A Musical Week

The youngest member of the family had a very exciting week, he took part in Young Voices at the O2 on Thursday.  There was doubt, initially, whether they would go with the threat of snow but it held off long enough for all to get back safe and sound having had a long but fun day.  Bearing in mind the length of his day, I packed some of his favourite foods.  A freshly baked sausage roll and one of our gooey and intensely chocolaty brownies plus a great big bowl of Rummo* Penne Pasta with Seggiano’s Raw Basil Pesto.  Needless to say he was one happy chap! 

*Madeleine’s Interesting fact:  Rummo have been making pasta in Benevento, Italy since 1846 and have perfected and patented an exclusive and superior method which they call “Lenta Lavorazione” using the highest quality durum wheat.  This method ensures the pasta holds its shape and texture maintaining its al dente quality even if a distracted cook leaves it on the stove a little longer than necessary!    And yes, we do stock in the deli.

Popped up to Guildford yesterday to purchase an early birthday present for son from the amazing Andertons Music Company.  Never even knew this fantastic shop was there – packed full of shiny instruments and the most enthusiastic staff – enough to make anyone want to buy a guitar and join a band.  One bass guitar later we went in search for a good coffee and after passing two well-known high street coffee shops and some searching found an independent, hipsterish café down a side street.  Oh dear, sadly average, weak coffee.  OK, it may be that I am particularly picky but come on, this is the time of the coffee and there is no excuse!